We live in a digital age where smart devices have become a fundamental piece to bring us together while apart. Ensuring the digital inclusion of elderly adults remains a challenge that the Crescent Lake House family takes very seriously. We know how important it is for you to be up to date with your loved ones. For this reason, from our assisted living facility in Florida, we want to introduce you to the many ways we are working to ensure today’s essential technology is accessible and safe for their use while elevating, even more, their quality of life.


Challenges of Integrating Elderly Adults to Digital Technology

Today’s seniors are more open to the use of digital technologies than ever before. The widespread use of the internet, smartphones, and tablets plays a major role in this willingness. However, there are still a few difficulties older groups continuously face that limit their engagement and participation in the digital world:

  • Sensory deficit.
  • Visual alterations.
  • Hearing disability.
  • Motor skills limitations.
  • Cognitive deficiency.


Each of these factors is robust enough to restrict the ability to use a touchscreen, mouse, or keyboard properly. Helping seniors overcome these barriers is a highly important mission for us. 


While working together towards achieving greater digital integration, our Crescent Lake House team of specialists will use didactic methodologies to explain how the technology works and the type of benefits it can provide. 


We are also very mindful and informative about the security risks that come along, for example, when giving bank information or personal data. You shouldn’t worry, though. Our tutorial guidance provides a safety net where your loved one is cared for and protected.


How Seniors Can Benefit from Technology 

Our care programs are tailored towards assisted living, utilizing technology to keep up with loved ones. Seniors can benefit greatly from this approach, finding an outlet to:

  • Video calls with family members or friends. 
  • Shop for supplies.  
  • Stay informed or entertained.
  • Interact with others in social networks.
  • Learn new skills or reinforce old ones.
  • Use voice assistance.
  • Set reminders for important events or activities.
  • Receive telemedicine guidance.


Technology Inclusion Is Vital in Today’s Landscape 

It’s easy to think a 70-year-old won’t need digital technology as much as a young adult, but recent studies indicate otherwise. A publication shared by the World Economic Forum revealed that 70% of seniors across the US are using the internet regularly. Another study by the Pew Research Center informs aging Baby Boomers, in the 60 plus category, spend more than 4 hours per day in front of their smart devices. Plus, at Crescent Lake House, we witnessed firsthand how positive modern technologies can be for older groups and their relatives. That’s all the motivation we need to continue our work towards digital inclusion.       


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