Having daily activities and hobbies is healthy for everyone. However, this has been a major challenge during COVID-19, especially for elderly people who do not want to leave their homes. Crescent Lake House discuss why elderly people should try to participate in daily activities. Even with a pandemic going on, it is essential to keep busy so you do not let boredom take over your life. It is important to feel like you have a purpose for your emotional, mental, and even physical health. There are many activities that you can participate in at home or even in a senior living community. There are a lot of elderly people who are in the same boat of boredom, and it can cause a lot of depression, disconnect, and isolation in their lives. Luckily, the activities we talk about and why they are crucial for elderly people will help you feel inspired during the pandemic.


Great Activity Ideas 

You are probably wondering what activities elderly people can participate in. One great activity is to stimulate yourself with art and creativity. Elderly people can boost their self-confidence and brain activity with arts and crafts because they are fun, simple, and not physically strenuous. Some art activities can be sewing, crocheting, making a scrapbook, and more. Another great activity is music! It is always fun to watch live music or participate in sing-alongs. Plus, it is never too late to pick up an instrument and begin learning a few tunes just for fun. Learning an instrument or becoming more involved with musical activities is very stimulating and lighthearted. 


Other great activities are games such as board games, cards, or puzzles. You can never go wrong with a fun and competitive game that you want to play over and over again. For the elderly people who like to get up and out, we recommend that you try to exercise a bit more to release some endorphins, increase your cardiovascular health, and gain many more health benefits. This exercise does not need to be strenuous either because you can simply go for a walk or even take a yoga class.


Feeling Involved With Community 

Having a sense of community is very uplifting for elderly people because they can easily become bored with their day-to-day routines. The activities we provide will help them in various ways, and becoming more involved with the community around you will help, as well! Whether it is over zoom or in-person, community service or community events are great ways to get to know people and to create long-lasting relationships. 


It Is Never Too Late

We want to stress that it is never too late to pick up any activity that you want to. Activities and hobbies do not have to be for life, but rather, for elderly people or anyone in general who feels like they have a lack of purpose or that they are constantly bored. You will be amazed at how much they can help.


Contact Us 

Crescent Lake House believes it is important to feel inspired at all stages of life. That is why we provide advice on activities for elderly people so that they can feel uplifted even during this difficult time of COVID-19. Contact us today for more advice or information.